UX design leader, marketing ace, adventure photographer, and storyteller from Pittsburgh.

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You can still keep on watching me build this simple portfolio site in real-time. So far I’ve put in around 8 solid hours on this project, including design, code, server setup, etc. I am using the ultra-iterative design process for this project. Refinement of more content comes next.

I made some good progress in the last couple of days, but I have a few more to go. In order to expidite building a portfolio quickly, I am taking the same approach Bill O’Reilly used to take back in his days as the anchorman for TV’s Inside Edition

“Fuck it! We’ll Do It Live!”


I have been working in the creative business for over 25 years, specializing in everything from traditional graphic design, animation, video and motion graphics, photography, front-end UI engineering, and UX Design. My prime focus for the last 6 years has been serving as a User Experience and Human-Centered Design leader for clients in the fintech and healthcare industries. On my time-off I’m traveling the country, going on once-in-a-lifetime adventures on a regular basis, and taking incredible photos to prove it.

So obviously when our aging, corrupt leaders tell me that I am required to stay home under some bullshit house arrest edict with no legal authority to do so, my respose to that will always be…

“Here, hold my beer.”

I’ve covered 25 states with my photography in the last year. I dare anyone to try and stop me.

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I ditched social media before #DeleteFacebook began trending. I will never have another account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. If you’ve been wondering what happened to me, or you’d like to have a deeper conversation about how I can help…

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