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The Brief:
A unique concept combining social media, broadband content, commerce, and a loyalty rewards program in one place, is “The Social Life that Pays.” In order to become first to market, Lockerz embraced an ambitious goal of building a membership base from zero to several million in a short time, while simultaneoously rolling out new features to users in scheduled intervals.

The Solution:
As one of the company’s first hires, I worked with the creative director and design staff to create visual layouts and keep artists grounded within the confines of the technical capabilities of their audience. I translated visual concepts into validated proofs and templates, debugged for all major browsers — inlcluding the company’s initial sign-up form, and several rounds of UI templates as we rolled out the membership invitation and reward points (PTZ) system. A Flash-based game I created allowed first-time visitors to “capture points” for their new user accounts. Because of the large prizes at stake in the rewards program, this game required creative anti-fraud strategies to combat the various methods a user can manipulate embedded Flash files in order to submit fraudulent scores.

The Specifics: