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Mayer-Johnson Software Promotions

Client: DynaVox Mayer-Johnson

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The Brief:
Mayer-Johnson’s symbol-based special education software assists individuals with speech, language and learning disabilities in the home, classroom and community. Because these software packages are so robust, a simple product description page is not the ideal delivery method for educating customers and selling products to new visitors. These promotions require a more flexible layout.

The Solution:
The Magento ecommerce platform makes integration of custom-designed content pages easy. Using a simple template containing the global elements of the site (header, top navigation, search, and the footer) —¬†graphic designers have more flexibility to display content within the pre-defined content space. Flash, video, and Ajax enhancements provide more efficient tools for demonstrations, sharing testimonials, and providing instructional insight into use of the software. These layouts allow information to be displayed and organized according to the needs of each individual software package. These pages are prime spaces for split testing — displaying multiple versions of the same content to different segmentations of users to determine which design tactics generate the most favorable response rates. Many times, those insights determine global best-practices to incorporate within the store’s overall design guidelines.

The Specifics: