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Client: DynaVox Mayer-Johnson

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The Brief:
Sleek, stylish design combines with powerful communication tools and cutting-edge technology — to empower individuals with speech disabilities due to stroke, autism, cerebral palsy, ALS, and other disabilities. DynaVox is the leading provider of speech-generating devices that enable individuals of all ages to develop a greater quality of life through communication, self-expression and independence.

The Solution:
To emphasize the reduced size and sleek profile of the new DynaVox communication devices — we combined 3D models, still photography, and high motion-capture videography to provide customers with more information about the device in less time than static text and photography. I directed the product video shoots, and created a uniform format for other demos. Working with the product engineers, I developed a proprietary method for converting SolidWorks models into photo realistic renderings in Maya — which are used for animations and replacement when still photography is lacking. An ActionScript 3 framework was created to provide global functionality accessible by other demos. These previously outsourced product demos were created at tremendous cost savings for the company by bringing the work in-house.

The Specifics: