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DynaVox & Mayer-Johnson Banners

Client: DynaVox Mayer-Johnson

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The Brief:
DynaVox Mayer-Johnson is the leading provider of speech-generating devices, symbol-based software, and products for individuals with speech disabilities. Their powerful communication tools and cutting-edge technology empower those individuals to develop a greater quality of life through communication, self-expression and independence. Static and rich-media banners have been a consistent feature on the company’s home pages — along with targeted placements on websites that prospects regularly visit — to inform them about current promotions, new products, announcements, and special events.

The Solution:
The marketing team at DynaVox lacked an efficient method for updating the rich-media banners on the home pages of their core websites. A simple change request, such as changing the display order of banners involved a time consuming process of making edits to the source files for every banner in the rotation, and working with legacy ActionScript 2 code. URLs associated with action buttons and localization for individual countries involved creating separate source files for each instance.

To simplify this process, I created an ActionScript 3 based controller module paired with an XML data structure to control variables such as the display order of banners, URLs assigned to action buttons, and separate configuration nodes for each individual country. This allowed for the re-configuration of assets quickly, without the need to edit original source files. Useful global functionality is packaged into the controller asset so they can be used for multiple banners without writing additional code.

Due to the abandonment of Flash on Apple’s mobile devices, the requirement to create static content for non-flash browsers, the time required to develop new banners, and usability studies that showed customers more focused on messaging than motion graphics —¬†we felt the need to move away from Flash for creating this content. I created a method using JavaScript and jQuery for controlling static banners created inside the CMS frameworks of both the Magento and ASP.NET content management systems used with the core websites. Doing this eliminated the need for specialized talent to create Flash banners and greatly reduced the time to roll out new promotions.

The Specifics: